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The best stories are those that tell you of a great passion. This one starts with the enthusiasm of the company founder, Eugen Decker, for the valuable raw material that is wood. He and his father ran a sawmill in Morbach for 30 years. 1962 saw the relocation and the construction of the present Works 1. In 1983, at the age of 50, Eugen Decker decided to go his own way, and established the present limited partnership (KG). His first investment was in a new profile chipping facility.

In the years that followed, from 1996 onwards, he built up the company with his daughters Brigitte, Annette and Christiane and his son-in-law Wolfgang Wilbert, from a producer of sawn timber into a manufacturer of glued laminated wood. The customer base, products, cutting process and organisation were completely expanded and restructured. Today the main goods are further processed in our own works and 40 % of the output needed for glued laminated timber and cross laminated timber production is purchased be other sawmills. The company's growth is based on innovation and vision, and it is now one of the leading producers of glued laminated timber, with an international presence.

Raw materials management

The wood is stocked up from sustainably managed forests in Rhineland-Palatinate, Hesse, the Saarland and neighbouring EU countries. Rhineland-Palatinate is one of the Germany’s most forested regions. These forests are predominantly PEFC-certified and thus provide the basis for sustainable ecological forest management. We are a company that processes coniferous wood, whereby spruce is the most widely used wood species with a share of 90 %.

Almost all the output is processed as trimmed timber here. Our local timbers include all the technical and visual properties for the respective application. The roundwoods are measured using a calibrated facility, and the process meets the measurement criteria of the German Forestry Council (DFWR) and the Association of the German Sawmill and Wood Industry (VDS).

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  • Acting sustainably - conserving resources
  • In harmony with nature through sustainable timber management
  • Conserving resources through the optimal use of technology
  • 100 % recovery of the raw material

Our raw materials management

  • Wood is a renewable raw material
  • We only use coniferous wood from sustainable forest management and we are PEFC-certified.
  • Wood stores CO2. This means that CO2, for example by using cross laminated timber in the construction industry, is permanently stored, thus counteracting the greenhouse effect.
  • Compared to other construction materials (like concrete, steel or aluminium), timber has a lower primary energy need. Wood has a positive energy balance.
  • Cross laminated timber is ecologically recyclable. At the end of its useful life, ED BSP can be reused as material or thermally recovered. When thermally recovered, reconverted cross laminated timber elements only release the CO2 into the atmosphere that was stored in the wood while the trees were growing. It is also conceivable to reuse the material as dry wood chips for further processing to make wood-based materials.

Your contact person

Volker Martini-Emden

Tel.: +49 6533 / 730

Mission statement

Independent family-owned business

All our activities are directed at securing and strengthening the long-term independence of the family-run company. We are a family-owned business with experience, stability and a long tradition.

Customers and suppliers

We want satisfied customers. Customer service means, for us, knowing and understanding the needs of our customers and suppliers. We always want to find a joint solution, even if the requirements seem impossible at first glance.


Members of staff have direct line managers and persons they can contact. Tasks and areas of competence and responsibility are clearly defined. Quick decisions and short communication channels make us flexible and ensure that problems are solved quickly. We maintain an open and constructive working relationship with our employees. We appreciate every member of staff, respect their personality and all their abilities.


The firm's success is made possible by qualified and committed staff. We firmly believe that every member of staff gives their utmost for the company. Whatever their place in the corporate hierarchy, for us they are all important people of equal standing. The sense of community and motivation at work are strengthened by shared activities. For instance, summer parties, public viewings and taking part together in running events are a regular occurrence.


Aiming for quality is the commitment of our company and every individual - from the managing director to the apprentice. We are only interested in producing high quality products. The raw material, wood, is procured from selected suppliers. In order to offer our customers flawless quality, we make a point of conducting both visual and mechanical quality checks.


When it comes to manufacturing our products, we rely on efficient processes. Our products are 100 % recycled and further processed. In doing so, the resources are used effectively. The aim for us is to do business in harmony with nature.


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