ED DUO | Beams

Beams - wood species

ED DUO | beams are a high-tech timber product with superior technical & ecological properties for all timber construction areas. In this case, the flat surfaces of two or three lamellae, joined longitudinally by finger jointing, are glued to one another. The glue bonding between the lamellae improve the technical properties of Duo/Trio beams as solid wood.

There are many different uses for ED DUO | beams, especially for interior construction. Timber constructions are never perceived as a foreign body and harmonise ideally with other materials like natural stone, concrete or steel. Colourful accents can also emphasize the features well - the surface can be easily treated with colours, waxes or glazes.

ED DUO | beams are manufactured from the following wood species

  • Spruce
  • Pine
  • Douglas fir
  • Larch

Using ED DUO | beams has many advantages

  • Dimensionally stable and perfectly adjusted
  • High-quality surfaces in the visible area
  • No torsions like the ones that can occur with solid wood
  • Less crack formation
  • Due to artificial drying, no treatment with wood preservers is necessary
  • Good machining costs
  • Economical construction method due to the high degree of prefabrication
  • Product approved by building inspection authorities

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